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Arend Hoogervorst
"Sustainability: Pipe Dream or Practicality?"
Guido Sonnemann
"Introduction to LCM"
Fritz Balkau
"Overview of sustainability issues and origins"
Allan Astrup Jensen
"Life Cycle Management - applications and challenges"
Reinaldo Figueredo
"Globalisation, liberalisation and sustainable human development; new challenges for the Mediterranean regions
Guido Sonnemann
"Application of LCA using software"
Guido Sonnemann
"Introduction to Life Cycle Management and its applications"
Manuele Margni
"Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment"
Juan de Castro
New tools for Sustainable Development Policies in the Knowledge/Green Economy
Benjamin Walker
"LCA based Ecodesign
Fritz Balkau
"Sustainable supply-chain management in the framework of LCM"
Cécile Bulle
"Applications of Life Cycle Assessment relevant to regional issues"
Bruno Notarnicola
Application of Life Cycle Approach to some economic sectors
Adisa Azapagic
"Introduction on Carbon Footprint (CF) and carbon calculation over the Life Cycle of Industrial Activities (CCaLC)"
Workshop on Life Cycle Management
applications and challenges
Guido Sonnemann
"Using LCA as a metrics in advancing and scaling up Green Chemistry research"
Guido Sonnemann
"Using LCA and LCM as a basis of regional development"
Chiara Mio
"Environmental Communication and Integrated Reporting"
Bruno Notarnicola
"Life Cycle Assessment and LCA case study"
Eskinder Gemechu
"Evaluating the Criticality of Raw Materials by Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment"
Pierfelice Rosato
"Sustainable Tourism and local development in the Apulian Region"
Guoping Zhang 
"The Water Footprint, Water Footprint Assessment and Organisations' Water Management"
Practical training: Life Cycle Assessment using software relevant to regional issues Training session: Making life cycle approaches work for innovations in sustainable chemistry and engineering at the regional level
Fritz Balkau
"Practical aspects of applying a sustainable development programme"

Riccardo Beltramo
"Use of specific instruments towards sustainability, the case of SCATOL8®"
Renato Marra Campanale
"Material Flow Accounting ; the case study of Italy"
Fritz Balkau
"Introduction to principles of using life cycle approaches for sustainable regional development"
Andrea Maresi
"The tourism policy and the European Union: New resources and responsibilities for a European sustainable tourism"
Cristiana Reho
"Carbon footprint, certification and enterprises"
Bernard Mazjin
"Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment"
Naeem Adibi
"Using Life Cycle Assessment for regional development, the North France example"
    Training session: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Interactive Session
Using life cycle approaches in the context of sustainable innovation and regional development
    Interactive session on procurement and foreshadowing supply-chain issues Short course
Participation in short courses that accepted Summer School participants.
    Bernard Mazjin
"Life Cycle Costing for Sustainable Public Procurement"
    Fritz Balkau
"Introduction to principles of Industrial Ecology and sustainable development"
    Jean-François Vallès
"Ecoparks as implementation of Industrial Ecology"
    Interactive session: planning and managing sustainble eco-parks  
    Naeem Adibi
"Using Life Cycle Assessment for regional development, the North France example"
    Klára Szita Tóthné
"Evaluation of Regional Sustainability by Life Cycle Assessment"
    Workshop: Life-cycle techniques for regional development  



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