Approximately 60 people, mainly PhD students, young researchers, and master's degree students in a variety of research fields have attended the school. The participants were mainly foreign students from both European and non-European countries (Poland, Greece, Germany, Austria, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Albania, Belgium, Latvia, Turkey, Canada, Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, Nepal) .
From the analysis of the questionnaires which were submitted to the participants, aimed at measuring their satisfaction for the Summer School, it was found that all the channels of communication used to promote the initiative on an international level were helpful.

The participants' expectations for the School were:

• the knowledge and understanding of environmental instruments related to sustainable development;
• the possibility of practical application of the tools in specific cases;
• the creation of a network with the speakers and other participants;
• the opportunity to find ideas to broaden their perspectives of study and research.

96% of the participants of the three editions said that their expectations were met or more than met, especially thanks to the interactive workshop sessions, during which the participants could discuss and express their ideas about the topics covered in the case studies, and the alternation between classes and social events, which made approaching the speakers and other participants very spontaneous and fruitful, leading to future co-operation and networking.

The high level of the international experts has been acknowledged as having a great ability to respond to the needs of the participants, in addition to being very good teachers.
Most of the participants also felt that they will be able to capitalize on the new knowledge and, in particular, the new method of addressing critical issues acquired during the School, in their work, study or research area.
89% of participants also mentioned to have the opportunity to further investigate the issues addressed during the lectures; thereby, keeping the network of expertise built during the three editions of the School alive.
The overall judgment of the School given by the participants of the three editions, on a scale of 1 to 10, was 8.5, so more than satisfactory.

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